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Home Inspection Checklist and Description

With any service, we offer a complimentary Home Inspection. This is a $185.00 value, and it’s free of charge. We want to make sure you have peace of mind in your home knowing your home and your family are safe.

What does this Home Inspection include? What parts of my home do you look at? 

Your Outdoor Safety:

● Exterior doors – making sure they properly latch and close, making sure they are sealed all around the perimeter.

Gutters and Roof:

● Gutters don’t show signs of being clogged 
● Gutters are properly sloped 
● No missing shingles 
● No signs of interior of home plaster /drywall water damage


● Ceiling and walls of garage adjoining house – no holes compromising fire rating 
● If observable, ceiling is observed to me made of ⅝” drywall
● Door to garage is fire rated or at least 1 ⅜” solid core
● Door between garage and hose is self closing 
● All receptacles are GFCI protected an tested to be working 

Indoor Safety: 


● Countertop outlets – GFCI protected and tested to working order
● No active leaving observed under your sink from the p-trap, supply lines and dishwasher
● Garbage disposal operation 
● Cabinets – hinges and door tracks working properly, make sure there’s no signs of them coming off of your walls 


● Smoke detectors – present and working 
● Signs of water intrusion 
● Damage to surfaces


● GFCI’s where needed ( within 6’ of water source) and working properly
● No leaks under sink
● No leaks under toilet or shower ceiling underneath
● Faucet functions and doesn’t leak
● Shower faucet functions and doesn’t leak
● Toilet flushes properly and doesn’t “ghost flush”
● No signs of shower enclosure seals falling or moldy/ mildewy caulking 

Interior Doors :

● Do they all open and close as intended


● Do all windows open, close and latch as intended


● Broken or missing electrical fixtures 
● Wiggly Outlets that no longer hold a plug
● All splices are in junction boxes and the junction boxes have covers 
● All light fixtures operational
● Bulbs that need replaced
● Light switches working as intended 


● Signs of leaks in plumbing connections in basement
● Pressure relief on water heater and does it function properly
● Do the fixtures have p-traps where needed

Safety Check:

● Carbon monoxide alarms on each level of the home
● Carbon monoxide alarms tested and working properly
● Smoke alarms in every bedroom 
● Dryer vent is clear of lint build up
● Signs of plaster separating from lathe and ready to fall
● All stairways have at least 1 graspable railing


● GFCI protection for all receptacles in unfinished basement are present and tested to be working 
● No signs of standing water
● No signs of foundation damage
● Smoke and CO detector installed and functioning as intended
● Water heater shows no signs of rust
● Age of Water Heater ______________
● Type and Age of Heating System _____________

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