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How to Find a Service Provider Using Word of Mouth and Online Search

After seeing many stories on here of people having conflicts or being disappointed by services they have used for their property, I have decided to start a series of posts based on my knowledge as a service provider on how to have an amazing experience finding and engaging a service provider.

Here is my outline which may grow and change as I do this.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have and I will try my best to answer them either directly or in a future post.

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1. finding a good service provider for your project:

a. The priority Trifecta

b. How to tap into word of mouth recommendation to find a service for your specific need.

c. How to use the internet to find good candidates for your project.

d. How to research for a service provider online and how to spot fake reviews. Number of reviews vs total review number. Number of reviews individual users have left.

e. The old big box store search and how to leverage it.

f. Classic things every contractor should have

2. spotting potential red flags

a. Receiving a contract. What is a HICPA compliant contract and how to know if your contractor gave you one.

b. If and when a deposit is reasonable

c. What questions does the service provider have for you.

3. Raising the odds of having a great experience and your dream becoming a reality.

a. Do you have a vision

b. Do you have clear priorities

c. Do you have a budget in mind or an idea of how much this should cost.

d. Do you have a timeline in mind.

4. Once you are already working together

a. How a change in the work scope should be handled

b. Is your property being protected.

Word of mouth recommendations have always been a trusted way to discover reliable service providers. In today’s digital age, you can tap into this valuable resource with the help of online platforms like Nextdoor, Facebook groups, and the tried-and-true method of in-person referrals. Here’s how to effectively use these channels to find the right service provider for your needs:

1. Leverage Online Platforms:

Nextdoor and Facebook Groups:

● Nextdoor is a neighborhood-based social platform that allows you to connect with your neighbors and ask for recommendations. Facebook groups, on the other hand, can be highly specialized and serve as hubs for local advice. Join relevant groups or communities in your area.

● Use the search bar within these platforms to find past recommendations. Chances are, someone has already asked for a recommendation that matches your needs. Look for discussions related to your required service.

2. Assess Recommendations:

● Be discerning when evaluating recommendations, especially on online platforms. While most people genuinely share their experiences, some service providers may recommend themselves or friends could be doing the same. Keep an eye out for genuine, unbiased endorsements.

3. Trust People You Know:

● Recommendations from individuals you know personally carry significant weight. If a friend or neighbor has had a positive experience with a service provider, it’s likely to be a trustworthy suggestion. Reach out to them for more details about their experience.

4. Find out the what on the recommendation:

● Just because a service provider was excellent for one project doesn’t guarantee the same results for every type of job. We all have our strengths and weaknesses so knowing what project they did and what impressed the recommender, is a helpful piece of information to decide if the recommendation is relevant to your needs.

5. Seek Multiple Opinions:

● Don’t rely on a single recommendation. It’s a good practice to gather multiple suggestions for the same service. If you get multiple sources all recommending the same service, that means something.

6. Ask Questions:

● When you find a recommendation, ask the person who made it specific questions about their experience. Inquire about the scope of the project, the cost, the service provider’s professionalism, and any potential issues they encountered.

7. Check Reviews and Ratings:

● To further validate a recommendation, consider checking online review websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or Angie’s List. These platforms often provide a wealth of information and ratings from a broader range of customers.

8. Verify Credentials:

● Always verify the credentials and licenses of service providers. A recommendation is valuable, but it’s equally important to ensure that the professional you choose is qualified for the job.

9. Trust Your Instincts:

● Ultimately, trust your instincts. Even with glowing recommendations, if you don’t feel comfortable with a particular service provider, it’s okay to explore other options. Your peace of mind is essential.

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