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Protecting Your Home While Renovating


Protecting your home while renovating is essential to ensure the safety of both your property and those working on the project. Here in Pittsburgh, homes can date all the way back to the coal and steel days. You never quite know exactly what you’re getting into when you start to peel back the layers. This can make renovating a home, especially an old one, a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor.

One of the often overlooked aspects of renovation is the need for comprehensive protection. In particular, homes that bear remnants of the coal era have soot in the walls. I recall the first time I worked on my own home. I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have all the protective equipment I needed. Each time my work included getting behind the walls, I would see little foot and fingerprints decorating our home from my kids. That’s what happens when the fine coal dust settles. Could you imagine seeing that day in and day out? What a time to live!

Let’s talk about Protective Measures

Zip Walls:

One indispensable tool for containing dust and preventing it from spreading throughout the home is the Zip Wall. These easy-to-assemble plastic sheet temporary walls act as barriers, confining the construction area and minimizing the risk of soot spreading throughout the rest of your home. The beauty of Zip Walls lies in their ability to provide a secure enclosure without causing any damage to the surrounding areas where they are installed.

Construction Grade HEPA Air Scrubbers:

Construction-grade HEPA air scrubbers are designed to handle the substantial dust generated during renovation projects. Unlike household-grade air purifiers, which may quickly become clogged and ineffective, construction-grade HEPA air scrubbers ensure a constant flow of clean air, so that air is quickly cleaned before it has a chance to escape containment and spread throughout the home.

Drop Cloths:

Drop cloths is basic and simple one. You can get temporary ones made from paper or plastic or canvas ones. While you may know to put these in the area you are working, the areas you’re traveling to and from in the home are oftentimes overlooked but are very helpful in protecting your home and giving you peace of mind when renovating.. As a bonus, they also make clean up a lot easier.

Plastic Sheeting:

Some elements in a workspace may be impractical to move but are at risk of damage during renovation. Utilizing plastic sheeting to drape over such items provides a cost effective protective barrier against dust, debris, and accidental spills. This simple yet effective measure ensures that valuable possessions or fixtures remain unharmed throughout the renovation process.

Let me know if I forgot anything that you would use to protect your home when working on a project!

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