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Using The Internet And Online Reviews

Using the Internet and Online Reviews

Using The Internet And Online Reviews

This is article 3 of a multi part series on how to find a good service provider and have a successful relationship and outcome with them. I have decided to do this article series after seeing so many horror stories and realizing that with the right information, this can be stopped and made better.

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1. finding a good service provider for your project:

a. The priority Trifecta

b. How to tap into word of mouth recommendation to find a service for your specific need.

c. How to use the internet to find good candidates for your project.

d. How to research for a service provider online and how to spot fake reviews. Number of reviews vs total review number. Number of reviews individual users have left.

e. The old big box store search and how to leverage it.

f. Classic things every contractor should have

2. spotting potential red flags

a. Receiving a contract. What is a HICPA compliant contract and how to know if your contractor gave you one.

b. If and when a deposit is reasonable

c. What questions does the service provider have for you.

3. Raising the odds of having a great experience and your dream becoming a reality.

a. Do you have a vision

b. Do you have clear priorities

c. Do you have a budget in mind or an idea of how much this should cost.

d. Do you have a timeline in mind.

4. Once you are already working together

a. How a change in the work scope should be handled

b. Is your property being protected.


Title: Navigating the Digital Maze: Choosing the Right Service Provider through Online Platforms

Today we will focus on how to use online platforms to find a service provider as well as how to spot fake reviews from any service provider across multiple platforms. (heads up, This will even works for Hotel book



In today’s digital age, finding a reliable service provider has become more accessible thanks to a myriad of online platforms. From advertisement-centric lists like Thumbtack and Angie to search engine giants like Google, these platforms offer various ways to connect with service providers. However, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between them and learn how to sift through the wealth of information to make informed decisions.

I. Ad-Centric Platforms: Tailoring Your Search

Ad-centric platforms operate as advertisement lists where service providers showcase their skills, service areas, and specialties. This format allows users to narrow down their search based on specific criteria, providing a convenient way to find providers that meet their needs in a particular location. However, the information on these platforms primarily comes from the service providers themselves, potentially limiting the depth of knowledge available to users.


Specific criteria: Easily filter service providers based on services offered and geographical location.

Provider input: Direct information from service providers about their offerings and limitations.


Limited perspective: Relies heavily on information provided by service providers, lacking input from the general public.

Potential bias: Information may be skewed towards self-promotion rather than unbiased assessments.

II. Search Engine Platforms: Unveiling the Crowd-Sourced Truth

Search engine platforms like Google curate results based on a combination of information extracted from service providers’ websites, reviews, and online interactions. This approach offers a broader picture by incorporating data from both the service provider and the general public, providing users with a more comprehensive view of their options.


Broad information: Results curated from various sources, including reviews, website content, and online interactions.

Crowd-sourced reviews: Feedback from a diverse audience, offering a more balanced perspective.


Ad interference: This isn’t a real con if you know what to look out for. Anything with the word “ad” or “advertisement” or on google specifically “Verified by google” or “google guaranteed” will be an advertisement that a service provider is paying for to show higher up on a list and not purely information based.


While doing your research on any platform, here are some ways to spot fake

III. Unmasking Fake Reviews: A User’s Guide

One of the challenges users face when utilizing online platforms is the prevalence of fake reviews. Both overly positive and negative reviews can be misleading, undermining the trustworthiness of the information available. Here’s how to spot potential red flags:

A. Timing: Genuine reviews accumulate over time. Be wary if a service provider suddenly amasses a large number of reviews within a short period. (most platforms will allow you to see dates that reviews where posted so you can easily spot this)

B. Varied feedback: Legitimate reviews exhibit diverse language, points of view, and scoring. Consistently glowing or overly critical reviews may not be a problem but if they are all using the same words and or the same grammatical errors, chances are they are fake.

C. Audience diversity: Authentic reviews come from a mixed audience, including users with profile pictures, first and last names, and varying numbers of reviews that they have left (on google and other platforms they will have a little number next to their name to show how many reviews a specific user has left. If you see every user has left only one, probably all of them are fake.)



While online platforms offer a convenient way to find service providers, it’s essential to navigate them with a discerning eye. By understanding the nuances of ad-centric and search engine platforms and employing strategies to identify fake reviews, users can harness the power of the digital landscape to make informed choices and connect with trustworthy service providers.

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